Dr. Carolyn Williams-Orlando Ph.D.

Dr. Carolyn Williams-Orlando Ph.D.

     I have always been interested in health, healing, and the invisible worlds, which may explain my formal education in virology and psychology- which have in common unseen forces able to cause illness. Lately, I wonder about the invisible powers of love, kindness, will, hope, trust, and faith.

   I was a pre-med. in college, but felt dismayed by the culture of medicine at that time, and was unaware of alternatives. I fell into lab research, and immersed myself in understanding diseases such as cancer and AIDS at the molecular level. Yet I felt compelled to talk to patients- to hear the answers which lay in the human condition. 

   The concepts of natural medicine came to my conscious awareness after traveling abroad, and moving to a small mountain town in Arizona. I gave birth to my two children at home with a midwife, and returned to work in natural supplement research. I went into psychology as I was interested in exploring the powers of the mind, and the possibilities of using untapped potentials. How may we train the mind to be a helper rather than a hindrance in the healing process and in life? 

     I enjoy hiking in nature, swimming, singing, laughing with friends, and sitting in silence. I marvel at feeling the greater connection to other sentient beings. I value honesty, living in moderation, peace, gratitude, and taking care of the planet. I grew up with five brothers in the Midwest, riding horses and saving earthworms out of the gutters when it rained. My grandparents on one side of the family are pharmacists, nurses, and physicians, and on the other side farmers. I have been married for over twenty five years and have an amazing son, beautiful daughter, and very strong grandson. 

     My professional focus is in prevention and treatment with natural and holistic approaches; food, lifestyle, herbal therapies and mind-body medicines. I am trained in several mind body medicines: imagery, meditation, yoga, expressive art, and dreamwork. I am good at honoring personal dignity, listening deeply, and helping you overcome obstacles.  

     We may do our best to prevent illness, however, many of us live with chronic conditions, and so the question becomes, how do we best manage our condition, both physically and emotionally-so that our quality of life is good, maybe even excellent? Further, we are all unique beings with our own eccentricities and quirks, how may we love and accept ourselves, even appreciate our differences? How may we turn our disadvantages into advantages?  Genetics are something we cannot change, however, the environments we create for ourselves, both internally and externally, are something which we have some control over. 

      Developing inner resources, transforming thoughts and behaviors, and growing in consciousness and compassion all help us become in alignment with our inherent nature to be well.