Herbal and Natural Supplement Consulting

I began studying herbal medicine in 1991 and working professionally in herb research and education in 1997. I raised my children using natural medicine and have contributed to several evidence-based databases for medical professionals. 

Healthcare Reform

My interests include helping to reform America's healthcare system. I would like for us to have a free universal healthcare system which makes better use of preventative medicine, integrates alternative and complementary therapies, promotes home health visits, and allows for the freedom of informed choice. 

I have been consistently impressed with Carolyn’s attitude and productivity during the time that she worked with us. Carolyn is quite motivated; her skills together with her intuition and experience make Carolyn very effective in her job. I particularly appreciate Carolyn’s seriousness and devotion to her job as well as her willingness to take initiative to help Samasati Nature Retreat to serve its clients more fully. I am confident that she will establish productive relationships with your staff and clients.
— Silvia Zani, Founder and General Manager, Samasati Nature Retreat Center, Costa Rica
Carolyn is a solid academic, wonderful writer, creative with integrative treatments for children and teens, highly responsible and committed to health and integrative approaches. 
— Annabelle Nelson PhD, Professor, Fielding Graduate University, Corporate President, the WHEEL Council
I work in a large, complex, academic health system and my previous position was at a health plan. At the expense of the patient, too much emphasis is placed on cost control and financial health of the corporation. Spread the word about integrative medicine - I believe that this approach is the basis for keeping our population healthy.
— Liz Godfrey