Keep Your Goat!

Keep Your Goat! teaches that we are inherently peaceful beings with the power to choose peacefulness. Build emotional intelligence with Keep Your Goat!, a picture book for small children (2-5 years) to look at on their device.

This is a classic tale in the same ranks as “The Velveteen Rabit”. In parable- like prose, it brilliantly and effortlessly imparts knowledge on keeping and owning your joy.
— Angie Flynn RN

The Love Poems of Dr. Willow

When my youngest child set off for college, I found the time to compile the musings in my journals. I hope they bring you a little tickle, comfort and joy.


“I love love LOVE your poetry….MY KIND of poetry….so real…so true…!!! the perfect gift!! I look forward to relishing them all, piece by piece, digesting, enjoying,contemplating…”

Love and gratitude
— Cynthia Hutchison RN, Program Director Healing Touch Program (HTP)
I read your book of poetry again.  It’s quite nice; there is a feeling of peace and love…I think my favorites are “River Speak” (probably my favorite of all, words to live by in those moments of indecision, and yet ‘light’, it reminds me of Taoist teaching) and
”I Call it Mango” (wow, ambiguous, evocative, surprising) Thanks again…
— GG
I am just coming off of a Poet’s retreat and into the world…and I love the repetition and peacefulness in your poem, “I lay down and flowers grow.” By the 2nd stanza I was receiving breath and spaciousness into my body. ahhhhhh. thank you,
— Valerie Szarek
Your poetry is Divine. You have amongst your many talents a gift of expression with the written word. Thanks for your gift. My fondest aloha
— Jay Friedheim

The Forgiveness Elephant Book

For children aged 8-10, a story set in rhyme on the virtue of forgiveness. Join little Johnny as he learns from the wise old elephant.

Click here  for Amazon ebook

Click here for Amazon ebook