Counseling and Therapy

These are commonly one hour private sessions, though our first session generally book for 11/2 hours. When working with children I will include time with parents and ask to see you periodically.

Who I see:

ADHD and training attentional, emotional regulation, and relaxation skills in children

PTSD and recovery from abuse, combat, and trauma

Anxiety, panic attacks, and building positive coping in teens


Parenting and communication skills

Relationships with self and others

Spiritual emergency or spiritual distress, including grief, loss or question of Faith, the dark night of the soul, anomalous experience, religious persecution, and forgiveness

My orientation as a holistic psychologist marries the best of humanistic psychology with that of natural medicine. I recognize our physiological and psychological interconnectedness, well documented by psychoneuroimmunology. The modes of healing that I use are primordial, generally relying on supporting the bodies own natural healing responses. I teach lifelong skills which reduce stress and anxiety, build self-esteem and positive coping, and instill confidence, joy, and resilience.

Carolyn has a deep knowledge base in Integrative Medicine and Mental Health. Her background provides her with a deep technical skill base. She combines this with a sensitive, gentle and caring nature that helps people to feel heard and cared for. Carolyn also gravitates towards the spiritual side of human nature and this opens a broad range of expansion and growth for all that connect with her.
— Scott Shannon, MD ABIHM Integrative Psychiatrist
Understanding and practicing the clinical skills of person-centered expressive art came naturally to Carolyn. Her strengths are a good sense of humor, creativity, and intuition. In the spring of 2004, she did a research practicum with ADHD children, using a mindbody therapy which incorporated the person centered expressive art therapy, which produced good results.
— Dr. Natalie Rogers PhD, Distinguished Consulting Faculty, Saybrook University