Mindfulness Meditation CDs

   These unique guided meditations are based on ancient practices and evidence-based methods. There are no prerequisites or physical requirements, and they are compatible with any belief system. Research shows that these meditation practices result in reductions in stress, pain, and anxiety, and improvements in sleep, positive coping and positive outlook.


Centering is coming to a middle and balanced still point. This CD gives you practice in mindfulness meditation and the art of centering. The upside is that you will feel calmer and clearer. 

Program length: 20 minutes

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Centering II: Resting in the Heart

Centering II is a guided meditation which gives you practice in centering in the spaciousness of your heart. May it serve you in your journey with self-compassion. 

Program length: 25 minutes

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Deep Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation

Deep relaxation alleviates the hyperarousal of the sympathetic nervous system that happens during stress, trauma and anxiety. Mindfulness meditation improves mood, coping skills and sleep. This is the first CD that I recorded as a take-home practice for students in my Wholistic-and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction classes. This CD gives you practice in techniques of deep relaxation and mindfulness meditation, which result in balancing the nervous system.

Program length: 50 minutes

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“Before I went into the OR, my BP was 150/101. I asked if I could meditate and they said yes. So I listened to your mindful breathing CD and My pressure returns to normal in 30 minutes!! Awesome huh? And I was able to take (the CD) into the OR.”
— April
Carolyn,  thanks so much for the cd’s.  I have listened to them all and find them very helpful in getting me to relax.  I have been using the Centering one for about a month because thought it would be helpful for me and it has been.  A great way to spend 20 min.  I am coming along slowly but surely.  I’m using all the tools I have and am almost done with backing off Xanax.  Just a few more weeks to go.  I will then be free of drugs.  I am really looking forward to being drug free. Your approach is what I believe in and see it as a way for the future.  It helps me to know that anxiety can be managed drug free. Peace and love,
— Emilie
Carolyn, Thank you so much for the mindful breathing and relaxation CD. It has been very useful thus far on my journey to more mindfulness and peace in my life. You are great at what you do and I am grateful to have discovered you. Thanks again...Peace,
— Luke