Living in Harmony with Winter

    I’m like a bear in a cave this time of year. Crawling in as the sun sets and merging with the quiet darkness. I am quiet, the night is quiet, the darkness holds this space for us. 

    We are all cyclical in nature, women may be more attune to this with our lunar cycles, but we are all tied to and connected with seasonal cycles. There is wisdom to be had in paying attention to this. It can be good preventative medicine. 

    It may be more to do less this time of year. To get some extra sleep, to take a little time each night to sit or lay quietly in solitude. This gives your mind, body, and spirit time to reflect, recharge, and rebirth. This can be challenging if we get caught up in all that is commercially and technologically available to us. 

    Remember what is most important. And you, actually, are what is most important. Coming from a restful place rather than an exhausted one will be more personally and relationally satisfying to you and your loved ones. 

    Winter is a time of reflection from which forth wisdom births. When we choose to turn inside and enter into this still quiet darkness we may hear the small still voice within. Imagine you are plugging yourself into the wall to recharge. And from this place, as the sun returns, and we enter into the seasonal celebrations of Light, we may feel born anew. Our batteries are now operating at 100%.

    I was honored to lead the Spiral Garden at my children’s school for some years (2001-2005). The Spiral Garden is a ceremony of light in the time of the darkness of winter. In the spiral garden, we metaphorically journey inward to the eternal light within us, and then journey outward, bringing our light out into the world.

     You are a light for this world, and we all have gifts to give. When we journey inward, we may rekindle our flame and reimagine our gifts. May you enter into your cave of regeneration and receive some deep rest. Merge with the quiet darkness that this time offers to us. When we open to the intelligence of the season, we invite balance into our lives and avoid burn-out.

    Consider this experiment. Rather than attempting to function as a linear being, embrace your cyclical nature. As Dr. Christiane Northrup MD points out, our drive, focus, and aptitude change with the moon and with the seasons. Allow yourself to align with this greater cosmos of your being. 

    Be well, be happy, be free. When we rest, we heal. When we sleep, we heal. Honoring our lunar and seasonal cycles as a part of our true nature, usually results in the alleviation or disappearance of many discomforts, symptoms, and suffering.

    The light in you is the light in me. The peace in you is the peace in me. As the light of the sun returns here to planet earth, may so the light in your tender heart. May we gather in this collective memory. Happy Holidays.