Lovingkindness Meditation

    Peace on Earth begins with peace in the self. So, how do we accomplish this? After all, we are emotional beings- we may feel peaceful at times- but angry, sad, upset,  or hopeless at others. Meditation (mental training) is a tool which may help us to return to peacefulness. Lovingkindness meditation comes from the Buddhist tradition, but can be used by us as a non-denominational mind-body therapeutic intervention.

   Lovingkindness refers to unconditional positive regard and nonexclusive love for all beings. Lovingkindness meditation emphasizes well-being for self and others, and is evidenced to reduce stress and pain in relationships, promote happiness, and increase social connectedness. Brain imaging studies find lovingkindness meditation activates circuitries linked to emotional processing and empathy.         

   Lovingkindness Meditation may be useful to many populations: from children in elementary schools to teens, parents, neighbors, patients, physicians, and diplomats in the United Nations. Lovingkindness meditation grows emotional intelligence and is likely to decrease the incidence of bullying in schools and foster cooperation between negotiating parties. 

    Lovingkindness Meditation is a technique which helps us to grow in consciousness of and connection to the values of kindness, empathy, and compassion, including self-compassion. Lovingkindness meditation can transform how we consider ourselves and treat others. The development of kind and compassionate thought may lead to greater humane action and global empathic consciousness. Ultimately, I believe lovingkindness meditation is helpful to bringing peace on earth. Compassion may be the technology which advances human civilization.