My brother died this month, and then he came back to life. He came back grinning ear to ear. As if all one needed to be happy was the gift of life itself. 

    We may pause to be thankful for the gift of life, and for the gift of loved ones in our lives. I like the practice of gratitude because it thwarts taking all for granted. Like the food on our table. If I eat one meal a day, then I know that I have eaten more than many people in the world.

    The September full moon is known as the Harvest Moon in my culture, as in others. The last of the crops are brought in from the fields. I am so grateful for farmers and for the food on my table. And such good food there is on my table.

    Years ago, my neighbor, Donna, shared with me her Chinese-American cultural celebration of the Harvest Moon. In this tradition, we look up at the full moon and think of our loved ones while eating moon cakes. Loved ones are doing the same. I find this to be a very delicious ceremony.

    This week, my heart leapt and wept in gratitude from the kind and generous actions of two colleagues helping me on my path. It felt like a cup in my heart had been filled to the brim. I felt humbled by the immediate trust and willingness. It seemed like this was what mattered most, and more important than the final outcome. We were playing in the fabric of love and compassion. 

    We are all both heroes of our own journeys and helpers in the lives of others. As we, likeFrodo Baggins, traverse the changing landscape of our personal destinies, we are fortunate to encounter friends who share a piece of bread, sew a tattered shoe, and point the way through the forest which avoids the quicksand. 

    I am grateful for my life, for loved ones, anam cara (soul friends) and helpers, clients, home, purpose, passion, wisdom, and the rich and abundant bounty of delicious and nutritious food from the harvest. We will be enjoying savory gluten-free cakes as we gaze up at the moon this year. 

    Gratitude is a powerful tool. However this magical, mysterious Universe works, I can tell you that gratitude will help your dreams come true. Gratitude is a power that has been recognized by people everywhere in the world throughout the history of time. Ways to harvest the power of gratitude include: keeping a gratitude journal-write each day a list of 10 things you feel grateful for in your life right now-, pausing in thanks at the dinner table, and beginning your day in remembrance of that which you are thankful for. 

    Research finds that people who practice gratitude are happier, less depressed, less stressed, more satisfied, more self-accepting, and have greater positive coping skills. No adverse side effects! Gratitude is contagious, and one thing worth spreading. 

    Thank you for reading my blog today. May your days and nights be filled with a 1000 blessings.