I am inspired by the shapes of the clouds moving across the early morning sky, the arc of a white dove, and the sway of palm branches in tall old trees. 

    I am inspired each morning when I see the Sun rise, which I await in eager anticipation like at child at Christmas. It seems that Hope is the Sun rising each morning, warming and enlightening every being of Mother Earth.

    To inspire is to breathe in, to give rise to, to animate, to fill with urge and ability. We are inspired by beauty, by youthfulness, by newness, by wonder, by love. We are inspired when we breathe in something new, pure, beautiful and hopeful, such as a baby, a puppy, a gypsy jazz concert, or a good story in a movie or a book. 

    The maiden is an archetype of inspiration in stories. She is beautiful and fresh, with a pure heart and a seeing recognition of the knight who is inspired by her to do his good. Without her muse, his action in the world would not happen. 

    This knowingness, albeit perhaps in Jung’s collective unconscious, is embodied in women who are all naturally beautiful and hence, naturally inspirational. This beauty takes different forms dependent upon culture and generation, such as how sexually open or provocative she is in wardrobe and mannerism. 

    Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf schools, knew that beauty was important for children in school. He knew that beauty feeds the soul. So Steiner placed a significance on creating simple, natural, lovely, warm, and aesthetically pleasing classroom environments for children to learn in. 

    Inspiration feeds creativity and purpose. Inspiration is essential to health and healing. Without inspiration we may be stuck in depression, grief, loss, hopelessness, or despair. This may show up in you or your life in various ways. If you are feeling anything like this, then I recommend that you seek mental health counseling. You may also consider going on a trip, anything from an hour at a coffee shop to a week’s vacation in the Bahamas, and greeting your senses-what you are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting, with something new. Gift yourself with new people and alternative ideas.

    I am inspired learning the ways of others, the words and songs and prayers of others. Sometimes when I am out walking in the fresh, open air, I breathe in inspiration like I am sipping in a long cool drink from a straw. Each inhalation truly does animate each of the cells in our body, bringing it to life-to do it’s job, it’s function, it’s part, for our total health and happiness. 

    Notice what inspires you and encourage your inspiration each day. May you create an alluring and arousing vessel (your body), and living space (home, office, and garden). The simple act of placing a vase of flowers in a clean room, gazing at the sunset, beholding your child doing summersaults in the park, or listening to your favorite Beethoven. In the culture of my ancestors, the Goddess Brigid is the bright light of inspiration, the muse who whispers poetry in our ears. She is here to whisper sweet nothings to us all.