I was on Waikiki beach in Hawaii, and recalling a beach in South France where women are allowed to be topless. It seems that where it is culturally acceptable to show breasts and booties, women are pretty comfortable with their sexuality. Sexuality embraces sensuality, beauty, passion, surrender, bliss and joy. Sexuality is connected to birth, creativity, power, love, truth, and for some, spirituality and experience of God.

    A woman may embody her sexuality in many ways, she doesn’t necessarily have to expose her body nor does it imply her nakedness. I know Muslim women who, completely covered from head to toe, express her sexuality through her eyes. The heart of sexuality is about knowing, accepting, and appreciating yourself. In essence, you are connected to and comfortable in your own body, mind, and spirit. 

    There is diversity in what is culturally acceptable for women in expression of her body, mind and spirit. What does the tribe allow and what does it disapprove of? However, we are sexual beings- whether hidden or undisguised, conscious of or oblivious to, pampered and paraded or left unattended.

    There is a value to self-inquiry about your relationship with your sexuality. By answering we grow in awareness of an aspect of ourselves which influences our thoughts and behavior. In consciousness, we gain the ability to make choices. 

    I grew up with five brothers in a culture of modesty, an upbringing with little if any recognition or accentuation of sexuality. My father did not allow me to wear shorts to high school. I put on lipstick for the first time at age 30. 

    My daughter grew up in an open time and place, one that allowed for a greater expression and freedom of the female body. I am thankful that my daughter did not grow up with shame, fear, or guilt about her body, but rather a complete love and acceptance for her beautiful, lovely, feminine vessel.

    How you relate to your sexuality is personal preference and a choice that I completely respect. I support you in accepting and appreciating your sexuality, however you so like to demonstrate in your own individual and free way. 

    What happens when we deny or suppress sexuality as a part of the human condition? Look what happened in the Catholic Church. I think that if the Catholic Church acknowledged and integrated this authentic part of human nature, it would have helped to prevent the horrific sex abuses by Priests. It seems to me that it would be a good idea for the Catholic Church to allow Priests to have sex with consenting adult partners. 

    Sexual love is a sacrament in the Tantra tradition of esoteric Hinduism. In Tantra, spiritual connection or union may be experienced in sexual connection or union, the individual self becomes a part of the Indivisible All.

   Celibacy is simply not required for spiritual life in all cultures. Indeed, some believe sexual ecstasy leads to enlightenment. 

    Sex, when a chosen and loving activity, releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is associated with feeling well, and also with our very will to live.